Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Weather Forecasting


As the internet and Artificial Intelligence continue to grow in our lives, we can soon expect new AI applications from industries in all fields. Weather forecasting is one such industry which is looking forward for AI to develop better efficiency technologies. One of the applications of AI and machine learning in weather forecast can be to predict the weather of a travel destination in advance. AI improvements in weather predictions can benefit many sectors, including business, government, and media, to make accurate forecasts. Here are some of the applications and advantages of weather forecasting that one can experience in the future.

The AI and machine learning technology can help in creating accurate predictions through the amounts of weather data that used to take more than expected time to extract. AI can provide flexible and more distinguished weather forecast models from complex data obtained from the present weather conditions. It can be also used for the power generation from solar and wind powerhouses at better rates with having the right time to generate energy.



The agriculture industry is one of the major industries that can get benefitted by AI in weather forecasting. AI can offer the right time and plans for planting and harvesting of corps according to the upcoming weather.


Even the transportation industry can get benefitted by weather forecasting as they can schedule the flights and trains better according to accurate information about the future weather. It can help people to book a ticket at the right time without facing flight cancellation issues.


The businesses which can get affected by weather also benefit from AI and machine learning. The more accurate forecasts can provide tourism and travel business to plan their trips better, making it a comfortable experience for their customers. Other businesses, such as landscaping companies and utility companies, can also maintain their work better and reduce the cost of wasted labour and material due to weather changes.



There are several innovations of AI in weather forecasting, and many big companies have invested big amounts in machine learning. The Panasonic Global 4D Weather is a global weather forecasting program which was first created by Panasonic in 2013. This program was capable of predicting Hurricane Irma, which occurred in 2017.

ClimaCell is another company which has been working to create cellular applications for weather forecast and has the capability of developing high-resolution weather forecast maps. They are able to create up to 10x ground resolution for the weather around the world, which can be monitored through mobile devices.

Earth Networks from Germantown, Maryland operates in more than 90 companies with over 12,000 weather stations. The company combines the data from all their stations to provide better-developed weather models for various government, business, and industrial purposes.


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